Retribution Trinket Guide for Patch 7.3.2

Welcome to our simplest, most practical Retribution trinket guide. All of the trinkets in this guide are assessed at their natively dropped item level only, in simulated single target and multi-target fights. We’ve omitted any complexities like Warforged and Titanforged items, or interactions with legendary items. Also, we’ve excluded any trinkets that aren’t worth equipping at all. This is really as as simple as it gets.

If you are looking for more detailed information on trinket rankings, you’ll want to check out our Retribution Trinket Advanced Guide for Patch 7.3.2

Single Target Rankings

Top Retribution Trinkets, Single Target Fight, Base Item Level
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Multi-target Rankings

Top Retribution Trinkets, Three Target Fight, Base Item Level

Antorus, the Burning Throne Trinket Choices

We’ll be leaving most of the analysis for the advanced guide, but here are some quick notes on our top trinket choices:

Khaz’goroth’s Courage is the best (reasonably attainable) trinket of the tier. Even without the raid buff it’s a better choice than most other similar item level trinkets. With the raid buff, it massively outperforms anything else by a huge margin.

On single target fights, your second trinket should be Seeping Scourgewing. Note that this is a strict single target trinket—its effect does far less damage if more than one target is in melee range with you. It is not worth equipping if you are fighting two or more targets.

On multi-target fights, your second trinket should be Gorshalach’s Legacy or Forgefiend’s Fabricator. Gorshalach’s does more damage and always occurs in melee range, but you can’t choose when the burst happens. Forgefiend’s does less damage and the mines don’t follow the boss, but you can manually trigger them every 30 seconds to be sure they connect with adds. It remains to be seen which will be more important for different encounters in Antorus.

Shadow-Singed Fang will never see use in its current state. In an expansion where trinkets with two or more static stats tend to outperform trinkets with procs and on-use effects, having a trinket with no stats and two procs seems like an odd design choice.

Aman’thul’s Vision is an oddity: depending on your gear, it can be a bit better or a bit worse than Khaz’goroth’s Courage. It’s still better than any other trinket in the game, though. Keep an eye on this space for more analysis in the future.

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