Retribution Trinket Guide for Battle for Azeroth

Welcome to our practical Retribution trinket guide for Battle for Azeroth. All of the trinkets in this guide are assessed at all possible item levels, in simulated single target and multi-target fights. We’ve excluded any trinkets that aren’t worth equipping at all, or are broken.

Single Target Rankings

Top Retribution Trinkets, Single Target Fight

Multi-target Rankings

Top Retribution Trinkets, Hectic Add Cleave Fight,
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Pre-Raid Trinket Choices

Jes’ Howler and Briny Barnacle stand out as very strong choices on both charts, and are our default picks for the pre-raid period before Uldir opens.

Included in the graphs above we’ve also listed Jes’ Howler when you’re in a full group getting the benefit, but its implementation in SimulationCraft is slightly misleading—the simulation just assigns all the Versatility to you, since there aren’t actually any other actors to simulate splitting it to. In the real world you will see a slight personal DPS loss in a group, but a net group DPS gain.

Merektha’s Fang looks like it might be an interesting trinket for heavy cleave fights. If you can manage to use it correctly it’s extremely strong, but it may be difficult to use in practice. You need to consistently activate it on a large number of targets, they need to hold still in a small cone in front of you for 3 seconds, and survive for another 3 seconds after that. If you can’t do that, it’s a very weak choice.

Kraulok’s Claw looks extremely strong right now, but it won’t be available in the world boss rotation for several weeks. Plus, it looks a little too good. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it nerfed before anybody has a chance to loot one.


The following trinkets have been excluded from the graphs because they are either broken in some fashion in SimulationCraft, or we haven’t confirmed whether or not they actually exist in-game:

Disc of Systematic Regression
Hurricane Heart
Knot of Spiritual Fury
Sublimating Iceshard
Syringe of Bloodborne Infirmity
Vanquished Tendril of G’huun

Once they’re implemented properly, they’ll be added to the charts.

Update Info

Guide Last Updated: August 13, 2018
Simulationcraft Version: SimulationCraft 801-01

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