Retribution Trinket Guide for Patch 7.3.2

Welcome to our simplest, most practical Retribution trinket guide. All of the trinkets in this guide are assessed at their natively dropped item level only, in simulated single target and multi-target fights. We’ve omitted any complexities like Warforged and Titanforged items, or interactions with legendary items. Also, we’ve excluded any trinkets that aren’t worth equipping at all. This is really as as simple as it gets.

If you are looking for more detailed information on trinket rankings, you’ll want to check out our Retribution Trinket Advanced Guide for Patch 7.3.2

Single Target Rankings

Top Retribution Trinkets, Single Target Fight, Base Item Level
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Multi-target Rankings

Top Retribution Trinkets, Three Target Fight, Base Item Level
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Tomb of Sargeras Trinket Choices

We’ll be leaving most of the analysis for the advanced guide, but here are some quick notes on our top trinket choices:

Infernal Cinders is the top performer of the tier. It’s a great choice for boss damage even if you’re the only Cinders user, and if any other melee are part of your Infernal Cinders Best Friends For Life Club it’s miles ahead of any other trinket. Real world logs also support it as the best choice for Tomb of Sargeras progression, for every fight.

For your second trinket, Vial of Ceaseless Toxins and Umbral Moonglaives are your best choices for single target and cleave fights, respectively. They’re both strong performers, and they’re dead simple to use (activate them during Crusade). They also drop off bosses in the first two wings of the raid, making them readily accessible at a high item level.

The other three Tomb of Sargeras trinkets suffer from usability issues.

Specter of Betrayal is only a good choice if the boss never moves more than 12 yards away. That sometimes works on Mythic Demonic Inquisition if you end up in the cage at the right times, or Sisters of the Moon if your raid executes the fight flawlessly. Being unable to overlap the specters significantly reduces the value of the trinket. When you also consider that higher ilevel versions of other trinkets are more readily available (since they all drop off early, easier Mythic bosses), Specter of Betrayal ends up being a trinket that looks really good on paper, but isn’t very practical to use.

Engine of Eradication and Cradle of Anguish are both poor performers. They’re also both difficult to use effectively: the Engine requires dancing in-and-out of melee range to extend the buff, and the Cradle resets when you take damage. Neither are suitable for serious progression raiding.

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