Retribution Paladin Equipment Guide for Battle for Azeroth

In this guide we’ll be covering Retribution stat priorities, and best in slot pre-raid gear before Uldir opens.

Stat Priority

All else being equal, this is how Ret Paladins value secondary stats:

Strength > Haste > Critical Strike = Versatility > Mastery

Keep in mind that all of Retribution’s secondary stats are extremely close in value. Increasing your item level in a slot is almost always an upgrade regardless of the item’s stats.

Haste Breakpoints and Caps

There are no meaningful haste breakpoints in Battle for Azeroth. You just stack as much haste as you can get your mitts on.

Best in Slot BfA Pre-Raid Gear


Item Name

Drop Location


Head Sea-Brawler’s Greathelm Freehold Azerite Gear
Neck Heart of Azeroth Quest Azerite Gear
Shoulders Pauldrons of the Great Unifier Kings’ Rest Azerite Gear
Back Cloak of Questionable Intent The MOTHERLODE!! Haste / Critical Strike
Chest Harpooner’s Plate Cuirass Siege of Boralus Azerite Gear
Wrists Embalmer’s Steadying Bracers Kings’ Rest Critical Strike / Haste
Hands Gauntlets of Total Subservience Shrine of the Storm Haste / Versatility
Waist Sharkbait Harness Girdle Freehold Haste / Versatility
Legs Legplates of Profane Sacrifice The Underrot Haste / Critical Strike
Feet Sabatons of Rampaging Elements The MOTHERLODE!! Critical Strike / Haste
Finger 1 Seal of Questionable Loyalties Freehold Haste / Critical Strike
Finger 2 Band of the Ancient Dredger Siege of Boralus Critical Strike / Haste
Main Hand Geti’ikku, Cut of Death Kings’ Rest Proc

Attentive readers will notice that this equipment list is the same as the pre-raid sample profile in SimulationCraft. Several members of the Hammer of Wrath community independently simulated pre-raid gear for Ret, and all arrived at nearly identical conclusions. The profiles in SimC are the result of

Other Gear Worth Considering

You’d have to get very lucky to get all of the pieces on our best in slot list before Uldir opens up. Thankfully, there are a lot of reputation pieces available at a high item level, so you aren’t going to have to raid in the nude even if you’re unlucky.

If you happen to be a Blacksmith, Stormsteel Legguards are also available to you using only pre-raid materials.

Update Info

Guide Last Updated: August 13, 2018
Simulationcraft Version: SimulationCraft 801-01

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